The MSA on Campus

Our Campus Events

The MSA has a multitude of events that occur throughout the year. Some of these are religious, while others are social. The combination of both has led to the familiarity and familial conduct within the Muslim community.

The Muslims are brothers to each other, therefore make peace between your two brothers and fear Allah, so that you may gain mercy.” – Quran (49:10)

The MSA Eid Dinner is held every year by the UMass MSA as a form of celebration for one of the largest holidays in Islam: Eid ul’Adha. This event invites Muslims within the MSA, the community,  families of the MSA members, and non-Muslim friends to join in the annual celebration. The atmosphere is filled with amazing speakers, great food, and spectacular company as the MSA conducts the event successfully throughout the night.

Islam Awareness Month is a series of events held throughout the month of April whose aim is to spread knowledge of and about Islam throughout campus as well as eliminate ignorance about the religion. The MSA conducts these events and works with speakers and members of the community to cover topics that will enlighten both Muslims and non-Muslims.

MSA weekend is a 3-day long event conducted every spring semester. The three days split into an MSA barbecue, a Six Flags trip, and an MSA Senior Night. The MSA barbecue takes advantage of the pleasant springtime weather and allows the Muslim students to spend the day having fun at a nearby park. The Six-Flags trip takes the MSA to spend the day at a Six-Flags. The large group that embarks on this trip creates a lively and fun-filled atmosphere even if roller-coasters are not your cup of tea. The MSA has visited the Six-Flags in Massachusetts and New Jersey throughout the years. Finally, the MSA Senior Night is a night in which the MSA hosts a get-together in order to celebrate their graduating seniors and give them a night to remember before they leave campus for the summer.