Religious Services

The MSA offers opportunities for its members to participate and learn in religious settings. The Student Union Room 355 is open for daily prayers, we offer weekly Jummu’a Prayers on Fridays and Halaqahs throughout the year. These services are to provide the Muslim students a safe and welcoming space for learning about and practicing Islam.

We are starting a new initiative where you can request specific duas to be made in your name. Fill out the Google Form to tell us the dua you want posted!


The MSA organizes a Jummu’a prayer every Friday during the semester on campus. This provides an easily accessible Jummu’a prayer for the students or staff on campus.

  • The exact room in which the Friday prayer will be held is emailed every week to people who have joined the MAILING LIST.
  • Begins at 1:15 P.M. every Friday.
  • Starting in Spring 2022 Friday prayer rooms will be posted below


What is a Halaqah?

Halaqah linguistically means “circle” in Arabic. Often a Halaqah is a religious gathering. It is common for special guests to be invited as speakers who will present a lecture on various issues of interest to Islam and how to live an appropriate Islamic life.

In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah says: “Those that remember Me in their heart, I remember them in My heart; and those that remember Me in a gathering, I remember them in a gathering better than theirs.”

Halaqahs at UMass: Stay connected on our Email List for Dates and Times

We plan on having a series of Islamic lectures for the general body as well as specified Sister’s Halaqahs for the coming semester and beyond.

In the past, we held weekly Halaqahs given by Dr. Ali Hazratji and biweekly Sisters’ Halaqahs given by Sister Zehra Hazratji. Please join our email list to learn about the Halaqahs’ topic, location and times*.

Sisters’ Halaqah

Come be a part of a space where women in the MSA community can get together and discuss Islam as it relates to our lifestyles in a safe, comfortable, and knowledge-enriching way. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Email, and Twitter for more information. Led by a Sister in our community who is qualified and can relate to the issues faced by many Muslimah students in modern times. Hope to see you there!

Jazakum Allah Khair!

*The best way to stay updated is by joining our “MAILING LIST


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