Eid Dinner 2014 a Great Success!

All thanks and praise are due to Allah first and foremost, and peace and blessings upon our prophet Muhammad. We thank our dedicated board, MSA committee members, and UMass administration for their hard work resulting in the great success of our biggest event for the year – MSA Eid Dinner. Over 400 guests from UMass, Mount Holyoke, Smith, the Pioneer Valley, and as far as Boston and neighboring communities made the night memorable and enjoyable.


Said Elkatta offered a recitation of the Quran to begin the event. The verses recited were 10-14 of Al-Hujurat which hold a message of brotherhood, respect, and unity, as was the theme of the Eid Dinner.

We were fortunate enough to have Maryam Amirebrahimi join us for the evening and give the keynote speech in which she shared a powerful message on Diversity and Inclusion that featured the story of Bilaal (RA) and his experiences with racism in the time of the Prophet (SAW).


Lazaro Perez, one of our very own alumni offered a powerful spoken word. UMass RANG -the school’s first and finest Hindi A Capella group- shared their talent in a captivating performance including a medley of “Some Nights” that followed the tempo of the audience’s snapping.


A special thanks to Neaama Bourote and Hamzah Dweik for being wonderful energetic hosts.

THANK YOU to all who joined us, we hope to see you at future events, God willing.