Let’s Keep On Going!

Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhadullilah, due to your amazing support and input the UMass MSA Annual Eid Dinner of 2013 was a great success! There were great speeches made, beautiful performances, a large crowd and good food to share with the great company.

The MSA has truly been blessed with such a strong membership and community and insha’Allah we all continue to grow the community and reach out to new and incoming members whether they are Muslims from UMass, the 5-colleges, the Amherst community, or otherwise.

Since the Eid Dinner, we have held a rock climbing event for any who wished to come as well as a discussion about the documentary Happy led by our own board member, Khansaa Elguenaoui. Both events were great and we continue to encourage you to come to these events and see your fellow Muslim peers and have some fun or learn something new!

In addition, a scholar from the Amherst community has been holding weekly lectures about out Prophet Muhammad (PBUH-Peace Be Upon Him) and how he is a role model for us. A new page has been created to insha’Allah summarize these lectures and make them available to those who were unable to make them. It can be found by hovering over the “Jummuah and Halaqahs” Tab. A drop down menu will appear called “Islamic Class Lectures.” I will update the page as soon as possible insha’Allah, There will be two more lectures before the end of the semester on Tuesdays at 8PM. The locations will be announced on the event page so check it out here.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan and let’s end the semester well and strong!