Let’s Get Started!

Assalaumu Alaikum Everyone!!

Insha’Allah you’ve all had a wonderful beginning to the  semester and some great experiences already! Here’s a small reminder about the MSA’s first BIG event of the semester!! The Welcome Back will be on Thursday, September 12th (this Thursday) at 7PM at Campus Center room 101 (located down the escalators).

MEANWHILE, stop by at the MSA table in between classes or when you have a free moment. Come talk to current members and start making new friends. We’d love to talk about anything ranging from academics to food to social life. We can offer advice and the sooner you get to know us, the better!

We are tabling in the Campus Center from 9-4PM this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing new and old faces!

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,