Mission Statement:

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) won the 2016 Most Outstanding Religious and Spritiual Life RSO award. The MSA exists to facilitate the practice of Islam
on campus. By bringing Muslims together and providing important services, the
MSA creates an Islamic atmosphere allowing students to continue their spiritual
journey while also successfully completing their studies. Hosting both social and
religious events, the MSA is a community within a community. Jummah, halal
food, halaqas, and other services are regularly provided, and there are several
big events throughout the year including the annual Eid/Ramadan Celebration
and Islam Awareness Month.

Current Board Members (2016-2017):

  • Co-Presidents: Jawad Awan and Tooba Gilani
  • Treasurer: Daanial Ahmed
  • Outreach Coordinator: Kulsoom Rizvan
  • Secretary/PR: Zara Mahmood
  • Event Coordinator: Suhail Purkar
  • Islamic Education and Dawah Officer: Ahmad Hamssa

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